The work-around is to archive the sold item, and there you’ll find the email address you can copy and paste to your email. Ebay costs but it is virtually a no hassle with high fees. Run your own websites and keep ALL of the profit for yourself. Any outstanding selling fees are due immediately, and any amounts that you haven’t previously disputed will be charged to the billing method currently on file. You’re the idiot, have you ever heard of learning how to design a website or hire someone? It’s not that hard and you don’t need to pay exorbitant fees to a 3rd party.


Invest in a professional-quality or high-end smartphone with an excellent camera. You can also invest in lighting to bring out the best attributes of your product. You can also hire a professional product photographer if you have the budget. Use vivid, detailed, high-resolution photos to attract eBay buyers and generate more revenue.

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Avoid keyword stuffing in favor of quality descriptions and clear images, while providing the best customer service possible. If you’re eBay sales slow because of an algorithm change, it’s impossible to know specifically why, but look at improving the quality of your listings. When considering where to sell unwanted stuff, Craigslist is regarded as one of the best options for reaching local people. The No. 1 ranked classified site by traffic, it generates a whopping $660 million in revenue yearly. While some listings are free, the site recently started charging nominal rates to combat scams and fake postings for cars, jobs and select services, depending on the item and your location.

One of the things that eBay sellers must know about the new eBay managed payments system is the pricing structure. With this new payout method, the payment processing fee and sales commissions are rolled into a single selling fee. Various factors determine the selling fees for each merchant account, such as the number of items sold and the actual value of the buyer’s payment . When people think of selling on eBay, they often think of selling the unused items in their basements and garages.

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Some specialize in certain goods, such as beer memorabilia. EBay lists an estimated 30,000 assistants nationwide. Just as homeowners can choose from dozens of contractors, prospective eBay sellers can pick from a profusion of trading assistants.

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No good ebay middleman servicesing customers and no good sellers is how ebay wants it. DO NOT SELL ON EBAY with a flick of the switch your “well built ebay business” is a ghost town. And honestly shoppers don’t buy their either …don’t do business with a unethical company. Most likely You probably will not enjoy the experience anyways. My account was suspended for without any explanation.

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The algorithm may see your competitor more favorably and boost their ranking accordingly. EBay made an acquisition this week with an aim to reinforce its seller monitoring strategy. The company announced it is acquiring compliance solution partner 3PM Solutions to bring its “advanced AI-based marketplace compliance solutions” in-house. EBay is a popular website for people to buy and sell goods, but what is eBay’s role in the economic relationships that form on it day in and day out?

From the inventory angle, that’s something that definitely differentiates eBay. From the seller angle — because we’re able to offer almost 147 million active buyers — sellers have a much bigger reach. I think a lot of great companies have built some great businesses out there with different types of value offerings. Across luxury products at eBay, we feel that we’ve always been original.

  • Another advantage with the eBay managed payments is that you can use the available funds in your merchant account to use other eBay services.
  • Unfortunately change is not on the horizon, I advise anyone who has eBay start to start considering selling it, because the future does not look well for eBay.
  • Steve Chou is a highly recognized influencer in the ecommerce space and has taught thousands of students how to effectively sell physical products online over
  • EBay final value fee is 10% and Paypal is roughly 3%.
  • Now I love working at SaleHoo to help others achieve these same goals through selling online.

You’ll also have to include the price. Remember to add accurate shipping costs to set proper buyer expectations. You can also add products on your phone via the eBay app. It’s easy and convenient if you’re a seller on the go. Note that eBay will charge you once you use the 250 free listings. The good news is that you may not be able to utilize all 250 free listings if you’re a new seller.

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And then pull my phone privileges so I can’t even discuss it. You have no business causing waves with already completed sales. I’m checking into hiring an attorney as well to go after e-bay. I’m not sure what good it will do as we accept the terms of the User Agreement wherein it states that we hold them harmless from anything and everything.

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In 2017, eBay experienced a significant outage, where sellers were unable to list items from the new Seller Hub. In 2020, a major outage hit eBay in the UK due to “technical difficulties”. If you are advertising, but they are still ahead of you, this could be because they are offering a larger percentage of the sale price than you are. Equally, it could be that their listing was doing better than yours before they started advertising, as eBay sales history plays a part in which listings are promoted. When you sell on eBay you rely on customers going there to search for products.

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And if the seller wishes to accept checks and/or money orders, then they should once again have that right. Mark Hetherington – couldn’t agree more with your comments. – 4 days without a sale except for one sale which had to be cancelled because the buyers account had been hacked. Now they have removed live chat and phone contact and the only way of contact is by email. In 2014 we would sell 25 items a day – eBay is in a death spiral unless management changes with experienced people and not mess around hiding listings. EBay’s Cassini algorithm is more buyer oriented than seller oriented, so it’s important to approach changes while always keeping the buyer in mind.

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UShip Review: 5 Things To Know Before You Use the Shipping ….

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First I got messages from people I didn’t know. Then yesterday was suspended for who knows why. They said shill bidding because I had bought something from someone they “believed” I had relations with. Actually, it was someone who I had been recommended to by another ebayer. I ended up buying at different times because they were in my list of “favorites” so I’d check their auctions. All for profit corporations are always greedy.

We all know that shipping isn’t really free— there isn’t a shipping company yet that ships packages for nothing. Its about the perception of your prices and the value your customers think and feel that they’re getting makes free shipping a powerful marketing tactic. However they don’t want to do the math an figure out the postage.

For a one person operation it makes perfect sense to pay 10%-15% in fees as long as I can have a decent profit margin it is well worth having an E-Bay store for the present and for the future. My situation is a little different from everyone else’s. I opened a store 3 months ago, and was listing like crazy because I didn’t fully understand the fee process. Although I wasn’t a huge seller, I averaged about $700 each month.