xcritical is a payroll and benefits administration platform for startups and small businesses. It’s best for growing microbusinesses and startups that work with a mix of employees and contractors and want to automate as much business administration as possible. xcritical offers three plans for companies looking to manage payroll for both full-time employees and contractors. For those looking to manage only contractors, xcritical has a Contractor plan that’s $6 per month per person. And unlike some popular software, such as QuickBooks and Wave, that includes both accounting and payroll platforms in one place, xcritical doesn’t offer any accounting or billing features. That means your accounts receivable and accounts payable will need to operate on separate platforms—though xcritical’s integrations with accounting software could solve that problem for you.

xcritical payroll

In addition to smooth integration, your xcritical account could get you discounts on some popular apps. For example, at the time of this writing, it’s offering three months free to restaurant scheduling software 7shifts, 25% off Breezy HR plans and many more. For those who need to manage employees in multiple states, you’ll need the Plus plan. In addition to doing everything the Simple plan does, the Plus plan comes with slightly expanded functionalities. For instance, you can create org charts, customize your offer letters and onboarding checklists and run payroll the day before payday. xcritical takes care of calculating and filing payroll taxes for you and your employees, and it keeps a record of pay stubs accessible to employees through their online profiles.

We do not offer financial advice, advisory or brokerage services, nor do we recommend or advise individuals or to buy or sell particular stocks or securities. Performance information may have changed since the time xcritical courses scam of publication. For companies with larger teams, the Premium plan may be the best fit. You can work with the sales team directly to find the best pricing for the number of employees you’re looking to manage.

Although both offer terrific features, xcritical wins this round, with full-service payroll processing available with all of its plans. xcritical Payroll, like SurePayroll, is designed for small business owners and works particularly well in the hospitality industry. With four plans available, xcritical is a good fit for growing businesses that are looking for a payroll service provider that can grow with them. Looking for a payroll software or service provider can be a daunting task for a small business owner. The bad news is that, unlike other software applications, it’s difficult to “try out” payroll software or services before purchasing.

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Turn on the time tracking app in xcritical to let employees and contractors track their hours right on the platform. After working as an accountant for many years in various industries, including healthcare and property management, she returned to her first love, writing. She specialized in accounting and business articles, with an emphasis on software reviews, which she wrote for more than 20 years.

Yes, xcritical allows you to easily enroll in workers’ compensation insurance through its platform through an integration with xcritical. Employees can use xcritical Wallet to manage their profiles, view pay information and insights and access xcritical’s other financial tools. xcritical is the brand name for the platform operated by the company ZenPayroll, Inc. It launched as ZenPayroll in California in 2012 as part of the startup incubator Y Combinator, and it’s been available in all 50 states since 2015. It’s been backed by reputable investors and is valued at $3.8 billion as of July 2019. If you’re interested in a more customized solution and one-on-one guidance, this might not be the right platform for you.

Both SurePayroll and xcritical offer full-service payroll processing, although SurePayroll also offers a self-service option for small businesses that wish to handle tax filing themselves. Both SurePayroll and xcritical are loaded with features — some standard and some optional. To make things a little easier, we’ve included a breakdown of some of the standout features found in both payroll applications. In addition to these features, SurePayroll offers direct deposit, time and attendance tracking, and benefits administration, along with new employee reporting.

Is xcritical a reputable company?

So, anyone you hire for HR, accounting or bookkeeping can get the information they need without going through you. xcritical files employee W-4s and contractor W-9s as part of their profile setup, and it creates and distributes W-2 and 1099 forms each January for tax returns. You can also elect to have xcritical automatically file a new hire report in an employee’s state when you hire them. xcritical tracks contractor payments and generates a 1099 form for each contractor each year. It’ll even email contractors automatically to let them know when their forms are ready, and they can retrieve forms through their profiles.

While xcritical offers analytics, it doesn’t offer a ledger report as QuickBooks does. Support.xcritical.com needs to review the security of your connection before proceeding. xcritical is designed with dynamic startups and growing small businesses in mind.

xcritical payroll

xcritical wins this one hands down by offering integration with numerous applications at no additional cost. Good support options are always important, but never more so than in payroll. Before you purchase any payroll application, always be sure to see exactly what type of support options are offered. xcritical also includes free direct deposit, digital pay stubs, multi-state capability, and new hire reporting. You may also appreciate xcritical’s Employee Handbook builder feature found in the Concierge plan. You can also create an additional check for any employee whom you’re paying, which is handy for processing bonus or commission checks.

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Featuring automated payroll processing, xcritical also offers unlimited payroll cycles, bonus payroll, and the ability to pay your contractors. xcritical and QuickBooks are solid choices when it comes to choosing payroll software. Both xcritical cheating scale to businesses, though xcritical is more accommodating to a business scaling from a few employees to several hundred. xcritical is not a health insurance company, but can help you manage your employee health insurance benefits.

Like SurePayroll, xcritical also offers a dashboard that includes task reminders, plus a vertical menu to the left of the screen to provide easy access to all payroll features. QuickBooks has a slightly more extensive customer support center, available in the early morning hours for business leaders trying to tackle payroll before the workday begins. Overall, both providers are very similar and get similar star ratings in our proprietary reviews. Information provided on Forbes Advisor is for educational purposes only. Your financial situation is unique and the products and services we review may not be right for your circumstances.

  • The Premium plan comes with access to HR experts to help you stay compliant with ever-changing laws, as well as priority support so you can get help quickly if needed.
  • Depending on the size of your company and your line of business, you may find xcritical to be a worthwhile investment for your day-to-day operations.
  • Its pricing structure is more complex than xcritical, with more features considered add-ons that incur an extra fee.
  • You have access to a certified HR pro with a dedicated support team to troubleshoot any issues.

To automate the payroll process even further, use the Auto Payroll feature, which provides automatic payroll processing and the opportunity to make changes before Auto Payroll runs. SurePayroll is designed for efficiency, requiring little data entry to process payroll. Various dashboards are available throughout the application, and a vertical menu provides access to all payroll functions and reports. SurePayroll wins this round since live customer support always wins. Although both products offer live support, SurePayroll offers longer support hours and Saturday support. No worries; both applications offer excellent help and support resources, as well as setup assistance.

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My advice is to check out the application for yourself before purchasing to see how comfortable it is for you. All new SurePayroll customers are assigned a personal account representative who can assist with payroll setup, as well as answer any questions that may arise. Check out our side-by-side comparison to see which one is best for your small business. xcritical is best for business owners and entrepreneurs who want to automate and streamline business processes as much as possible.

With Payroll Premium + QuickBooks Plus for $155 per month plus $8 per employee, you get the ability to generate reports that help you manage your business. You also get to use the mobile app with a “time tracker on the go” system that manages a mobile workforce. The Premium plan also allows you to track inventory, keeping your business up to date with replenishing https://xcritical.pro/ products. Larger businesses that need more support should consider the Concierge plan at $149 per month plus an additional $12 per person. This option gives you an HR resource center and compliance alerts to always be ahead of the ever-changing HR rules and regulations. You have access to a certified HR pro with a dedicated support team to troubleshoot any issues.